Feyorra will distribute 40% of the initial supply via Wager Mining. Users get rewarded with placing bets at FaucetPay.io games and on our upcoming project. Every $1 equivalent in any cryptocurrency which is available on the games mines 0.07 FEY added to your wallet every 3 hours.

There are over 400,000,000 FEY tokens to be distributed. The statistics shown below are updated every 3 hours.

Total Distribution: 400,000,000 FEY
31,302,675 FEY
Total Mined: 31,302,675 FEY

The average mining rate per hour is 1375 FEY. Over 33014 FEY was mined yesterday.

Update: 100% of Wager Mining funds has been burned and rewards will be paid now with company funds and buybacks. More information here: https://twitter.com/feyorraofficial/status/1480152096578031618?s=21

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