Feyorra (FEY) tokens are utility tokens designed to be used on software applications (the “WALP Applications”) developed or operated by WALP Entertainment S.R.L and parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, agents, representatives, predecessors, advisors, and the successors and assigns (the “WALP Parties’). FEY Tokens have an expected future usage solely as a utility token within the WALP Applications.

FEY Tokens are not a security of any kind, and they do not represent any right to vote, manage, or share in the profits or proceeds of any entity. FEY Tokens do not represent ownership of any physical asset. The WALP Parties not guarantee or suggest any economic return from receiving FEY Tokens, and you should not use FEY Tokens for any speculative purposes. Participation in any FEY Token Distribution Event should be without expectation of any profit, dividend, capital gain, financial yield or any other return, payment or income of any kind.

It should not be understood, deemed, interpreted or construed, under the laws of any applicable jurisdiction, to equate FEY Tokens to any kind of:

1. money, legal tender or currency, whether fiat or otherwise;
2. equity or proprietary interest in any entity, scheme or venture;
3. investment in any entity, common enterprise, scheme or venture, taking any form, whether equity, debt, or as a commodity (or any combination thereof, whether to be delivered in the future or otherwise);
4. instrument, entity, scheme or venture that participates or receives any dividend, payment, profit, income, distribution or other economic returns;
5. security, futures contract, derivative, deposit, negotiable instrument (including commercial paper), investment contract or collective investment scheme between the holder and any other person or entity; or
6. asset or commodity (whether to be delivered in the future or otherwise), including any asset or commodity that any person or entity is obliged to repurchase or redeem.

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