Pasino House Edge Sharing

Pasino Utility - House Edge Sharing

Verify your stakes at and earn a share of the house edge! Pasino pays out 0.25% of the total betting volume to all verified stakers. Payouts are made in over 10 different cryptocurrencies. House edge-sharing is your gateway to an additional passive income.

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Fueled With

Feyorra offers you access to reduces fees at FaucetPay which enables you to swap your coins without paying the full fees! FEY also cuts down on the withdrawal fees. Moreover, you can get 25% discount whenever you advertise at FaucetPay with FEY and this means cheaper advertising for you.

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Audited Smart Contract

Smart Contract Audited

Feyorra (FEY) is an ERC-20 token published on the Ethereum blockchain. John Wick has audited the token for its integrity, and it has passed all the tests.


Feyorra Mining


You can mine Feyorra through wager mining at FaucetPay and liquidity mining at UniSwap.

Feyorra Staking


You can claim your loyalty rewards by staking your tokens. All of this is done in the blockchain using our smart contract.

Token Distribution

All our tokens are distributed for FREE! NO ICO/IEO!


Company Reserve - 250 M

Marketing, Development, Legal, Reserve, Payroll

Faucet Distribution - 50 M

Distributed to users via FaucetPay

Wager Mining - 400 M

Distributed to users via FaucetPay and other upcoming website

Liquidity Mining - 300 M

Distributed to the users through liquidity mining at UniSwap

Frequently Asked Questions

Feyorra APY

The numbers on the X-axis represent the percentage of tokens staked while as the numbers on the Y-axis show the annual rewards percentage.

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